Announcement from Kelly round, Our Place CEO

Wonderful news!  Our Place Support launches new website!

As well as all our Mentoring, Advice and Support services, we have also been building a brand-new website!

What’s new?

Since January, Kelly, Beth and the team have been poring over plans, discussing designs and editing content, to try and make this website as informative and user friendly as possible. Whilst our old site had served us really well, we thought an update was due and would provide an even better showcase for our services.  One of the new additions – that we are most excited about – is the inclusion of a “News” page.  Since forming in 2011 we have had some amazing experiences, incredible successes, and invaluable learning, so thought it was time to share with you all!  This page is all about news, events, anecdotes, information, changes and updates – we plan to keep it nice and busy and chatty – and hope you’ll get involved too!

What will feature?

As well as News, you will see our declaration of Core Values.  Establishing these was a great team effort – plenty of flip charts were involved in their creation – and we are very proud to have them so clearly displayed. Our new “About” page gives more information about our staff members and their roles, whilst our “Training” page now gives clear learning outcomes and prices for each course, as well as a direct route to booking. Regular viewers of our site will notice that we have some excellent new additions here, which are well worth taking a look at, and booking. Our Mentoring, Consulting and Advice Service services have also been re-vamped, as have our meeting room profiles and volunteer services. You may also note that we are inviting Work Placements for College and University Students.  In the past these have been invaluable to us, as both sources of help AND learning.  There is also a dedicated “Staff Portal” so that everyone can keep in easy communication with each other. As we are a CIC, we are always keen to raise money for the maintenance and development of our service provision, so, on many pages you will see a “Donate Here” button, making contributions even easier to facilitate.

Can we contribute?

Yes! We are always keen to harvest news skills and experiences from the community, to benefit the community, so just drop us a line or phone us to talk about your talents!  Your financial donations are also very welcome indeed thank you!

In summary

We have tried to create a site that is a great ‘shop window’ for our services and skills, informs staff and community alike, and is regularly updated with news and information.

Why not have a look, and let us know your thoughts – it’s pretty much YOUR site anyway! Thank you.