Group Mentoring with Our Place Support – It’s A Heart Thing

Group Mentoring with Our Place Support – It’s A Heart Thing

Here at Our Place Support our mission statement is to ‘Help People Make Positive Changes in their Lives’. There are very many ways in which we do this, one being the delivery of mentoring sessions to small groups of children and young people; to support and encourage a positive mental health and wellbeing.

Our Mentor; Debbie Clarke, has played a significant part in the development and delivery of our group mentoring. In this blog Debbie reflects on her experience as a Group Leader working in schools across North Birmingham.

  ‘The Kindest of Hearts have felt the most pain’


It’s been a fair few years since I tentatively walked into one of our Primary schools with the first ever group work offering for Our Place – Self Esteem and Confidence, a Pirate Adventure of island hopping in order to discover the treasure we have within ourselves. I will always remember the small group of bright-eyed youngsters who came to discover themselves – keen and full of energy they threw themselves with all their heart into the learning and the activities, the games, and crafts. They opened up, explored who they are, with such honesty, it humbled me, they shared experiences, explored their hopes and dreams and looked to each other as they became vulnerable in speaking out their individual stories.

They were forgiving and understanding of my first session nerves and since this was a pilot – they were keen to give feedback on their experience and loved being involved in changes, tweaks, and further development.

The children are all at secondary school now heading towards GCSE’s and A levels, but they remain in my heart because of how generous they were, in a time of need for them. Looking beyond themselves, they gave of themselves – collaborating to make the group work better and better for others that would follow. The memory of each big open and generous heart has been a great learning for me and changed me as much as the course had changed them

Doing It Together

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’ (African Proverb)

Since then we have designed many more group work sessions, being responsive to need and keen to support our schools and community. They have been built as team, in collaboration and always run as a pilot before we fully launch. Learning together with the children and young people we support, partnering with schools and being supported by our creative and dedicated Our Place Team. We have found this to be absolutely key in this process of developing new and supportive material.

You see we are in all of this, for the deepening of relationships, building of community and for the long haul. I have found that things of the heart take time, healing too, is not a quick fix but done together, over time cultivates and nourishes a richer and more fulfilling, healing journey for all. And I include myself in this.

And Now

‘Do it now, sometime ‘later’ may become ‘never’ (Anon)

Heart and partnership are ever more vital now. The changes we have experienced have grazed, bruised and for some cut deeply. Change creates Loss. With the uncertainty around us the ‘now’ takes on so much more significance. So, a new group work material has been nurtured over the time of full lock down, that will look to supporting children and their emotions and well-being in this strange here and now.  I’m excited about this piece of work and for the future of group work but also wondering how we can ‘do’ this, with the limits we now live with. It will take creativity, it will take partnership, it will take collaboration, it will take Team and it will take Heart, all of which, I know, from lived experience, we have in buckets full.

So right now, I have hope for the enfolding and future delivery of group work because I have Team, I have Relationship and all together WE have Big Heart for the courage and compassion it will take.

Our Place Support Launch New 2 Year Business Strategy

September 2020 – Launch of our new Strategy

Our Place Support has seen a lot of changes over the summer of 2020, just as almost everyone in the country has but also the world.  Like most businesses we need to adapt to a new way of working and our team have been busy making changes to the services that we offer to make sure that we can continue to help the people who need us.

As part of this important work, we have reviewed our Strategy to make sure that it still does what we need it to and in this blog, we will share important information about what we plan to do over the next 2 years.


What is a Strategy?

A Strategy is a fancy business word for a plan to achieve a number of tasks over a period of time.  We have developed a 2 year Strategy which will run from September 2020.  It is important to develop a Strategy because it will help us prioritise what we need to do and it will also help us to make sure that we are working on the things that matter most.


How did you develop the Strategy?

We have taken a lot of information from client feedback, from our staff and volunteers but we’ve also looked at what is happening outside of Our Place and the impact this is having on everyday life such as Coronavirus, the economy and the possibility of people losing their jobs.  All of this has been brought together to develop our 2 year Strategy.


How long will your Strategy last?

A Strategy can be developed for as long as you want it to be but at Our Place, we have decided that a 2 year period will help us plan effectively but will also allow us to adapt because everything in the world is changing so quickly especially because of Coronavirus and changes to the economy.


What does your Strategy include?

Our Strategy sets out what is important for us to focus on in the next 2 years, especially in light of the strange times that we live in.  Our Strategy focusses on the following key areas:

  1. We will focus on making our services better.  Our Community Hub will continue to be COVID safe and we will continue to offer training and safe community focused services either face to face or through the use of technology
  2. We will make sure we tell more people about what we do and we will ensure that we have the right staff and volunteers in place.
  3. We will have a greater focus on making sure that we have enough money to keep providing our services to the people who need them.
  4. We will make sure that we work closely with funders and engage with partners.
  5. We will make sure that we use technology better so that we can help more people.


Who will deliver our Strategy?

All of the Directors, Staff and Volunteers at Our Place Support will contribute to making sure that all of the things detailed in the Strategy are delivered.


How can I become involved in Our Place?

Our team are really important to Our Place Support and the work that we do to help people across Sutton Coldfield but also further afield.  We are always looking for new people to be part of our team so if you are interested please take a look at our volunteering opportunities.

We hope you found this blog useful but if you would like any further information, please contact us on the above details.

Danielle Williams Celebrates 1 Year at Our Place Support

Today our Admin Coordinator Danielle celebrates a year at Our Place Support.

In this blog Danielle shares how the term ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’ really does reflect her role and provides many wonderful opportunities for her to engage with the local community as well as coordinate the administration of our community focused work.


When I joined Our Place Support 1 year ago, I knew it was the right time for me to get back to doing something that I love and invest in our local community. I have always been a community focused person and have worked with a wide range of people in delivering play work to youth work and being involved in community focused events.

Last August I had been a stay at home mom for a year; I got to do the school run and settle my little girl into reception at school, I had a whole year of making memories with her and living the school mom life. It was a fantastic time for me and one I am extremely grateful to my husband for enabling me do, but I knew something was missing, something for me – a way to get my brain working again as well as a social aspect. I have fantastic friends and family but there is something different about having a work family that I knew I was missing.

I have always followed the fantastic work of Our Place via social media and have worked alongside Kelly our CEO many moons ago in previous roles. I just happened to stumble across the advert for the admin coordinator role, it sounded perfect – a few hours a week, a community focus and what stood out for me was that I would still be able to do school pickups!

It was a weird feeling being the ‘newbie’, learning new systems, frantically trying to write down as many notes as I could and meeting lots of new people (We have a big team here at Our Place!) but on my first week I instantly felt at ease, everyone was lovely, there’s a huge sense of pride and passion from everyone at Our Place and the skills and knowledge that each and every member of the team hold is amazing, what really resonated with me was everyone’s genuine passion for supporting the community – to me this just shines through!

As coordinator of the volunteer admin team I spend much of my time with 7 amazing team members who undertake a wide range of tasks to keep Our Place and our projects on track from data management and analysis, to HR and resource preparation. Working with the team has been wonderful, their dedication to turning up each week is second to none, and I find their commitment as volunteers invaluable – I love chatting to them all – maybe sometimes too much… but honestly that is one of the best parts of my role – spending time with my team, knowing what’s going on in their lives and how I can help them or develop their skills at Our Place. It’s an absolute pleasure to have such a unique team and I certainly couldn’t do my role without them.  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication over the past 12 months!

Variety is definitely the spice of life, each day at the Hub is different and this is why I enjoy my role so much. Over the year I have been involved in a number of community projects including coordinating and supporting events, attending and facilitating voluntary sector networking meetings where it’s been refreshing and encouraging to see so many Sutton based services joining together to support local people and leading projects such as ‘Colour for your Community’ which saw some fantastic artwork sent in to Our Place Community Hub during lockdown, connecting our community at a time of isolation.

I find it great how Our Place encourage team members to explore and follow new opportunities, to think outside the box and and trial new things – I have even done a link for local radio station ‘Switch’ promoting the work we were doing during lock-down and sending a special thank you to all Key workers – something new for me!

Of course, a large amount of this time has been spent working from home under lockdown restrictions and coordinating our team remotely – it’s been a challenge to say the least, getting everyone on zoom and trying to order new laptops when there’s a shortage across the whole country but I wouldn’t have wanted to work for another organisation during a worldwide pandemic, we’ve had fun, laughed a lot, had endless new technology problems and I even have the office phone in my living room but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The past 8 months have also been a challenging for me at home with my Dad being diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of 2020 – the Our Place Team have been nothing more than amazing, letting me swap my working days and when the COVID pandemic hit I was the first one to work from home to protect my whole family, I will be forever grateful for you all for keeping me and my family safe, but having a reason to get up in the morning knowing the work we are doing is helping others – this is the reason I am proud to work for Our Place Support.

If you get nothing else from reading my insight into my role take this – do what makes you happy, work for an organisations that values you, that invests in you and makes work enjoyable because for the past 12 months I’ve not felt like I’ve been at work Its been a joy and long may it continue.

Thank you Kelly & the team for believing in me and giving me the chance to join the Our Place family.

Join Our Team

(One to One Mentoring)

16 hours per week, for 12 weeks at £11.50 per hour.
Fixed contract until October 2020.
Immediate Start

Our Place Support are looking to recruit an enthusiastic individual with the skills and passion to hit the ground running as a Child Mentor, working with children across North Birmingham on a one to one basis on issues impacting on social, emotional and mental health wellbeing. Applicants are expected to hold the minimum of a Level 3 Mentoring qualification or equivalent and will be required to undertake an enhanced DBS check and reference checks.


To support children and young people in a one to one mentoring environment through online and telephone support. This role will require you to work from home.

As a mentor you will plan and deliver bespoke sessions which will enable the mentee to explore issues, identify resolutions, set goals and monitor their own achievements. This role includes working with the wider team and our partner agencies to safeguard children and young people.

Mentors are responsible for communicating with stakeholders including schools and will on occasions be required to submit reports based on their mentoring. Mentors will also be required to engage in practice supervision, team meetings and training sessions and to provide monitoring returns.

Successful Mentors will have personal qualities that reflect the Our Place Support ethos of being caring, supportive and encouraging.

Benefits / Investment for Mentors:

 Training opportunities provided including mandatory Safeguarding training.
 Public Liability Insurance
 Ongoing line management support and practice supervision
 Matches will be made on the basis of interests, skills, background, knowledge, and temperament of both the child/young person and the mentor.

Application Process:

Applications must be submitted to (CVs will not be accepted)

Closing date for applications is 3rd July 2020

Interviews will be held by Zoom on 8th and 9th July 2020

Downloadable Documents:

Job Description

Person Specification

Mentor Application form