Get to Know Sue Crooks and LoveBiz Networking®



LoveBiz Networking® are kindly sponsoring Our Place’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Event. LoveBiz is a supportive networking community that aims to connect and empower women.


Sue Crooks, LoveBiz’s Founder, has had a wealth of successes throughout her career. She has worked in Hotel Management, Marketing Communications and Events, and established her own Digital Marketing business. However, her motivations have never been financial; for Sue, the reason and feeling behind the work she does has been the driving force to create the environment she has through LoveBiz.

Sue set LoveBiz up because, at the time, there were no networking groups specifically for women and no groups that prioritised friendship and support. At Sue’s first event, 28 women attended, and created a very different atmosphere to what traditional networking groups had done. The group grew organically, basing its values in care and collaboration. There are now 17 networking groups across the UK, all thriving and creating big community reach. LoveBiz’s ethos is women supporting women. Sue describes this as treating one another how you would like to be treated and building long-lasting relationships. As the founder, she says she is always “amazed by people” and that “no-one is the same.”

LoveBiz also support women around the world, celebrating International Women’s Day annually. LoveBiz will be supporting Lend With Care again in 2022, an initiative that supports small businesses in low income countries. The event will be online and host a series of networking sessions and workshops. Details of which can be found here. The previous events have consistently brought back great feedback and features fantastic speakers from different backgrounds, with different skills to share.

Online events have become the norm owing to the pandemic, but it hasn’t stopped LoveBiz members from staying connected to one another. That being said, the pandemic has undeniably caused challenges and barriers for businesses and entrepreneurs. This has impacted many individual’s mental health, which is an area that Sue works hard to support in others. LoveBiz builds sincere relationships and cultivates a space that validates the women within it, raises them up and reminds those who are struggling that they have support. LoveBiz is an open community, which welcomes women to discuss their shared challenges as well as their successes. This is a real asset in navigating a world that can often choose competition over collaboration. Everyone at LoveBiz is treated equally, whether they run their business from their kitchen, or are the CEO for a multinational company.

Sue has connections with Kelly – Our Place CEO –, Julie – Director of Strategy – and Stella – Director of Community and saw the overlapping values that LoveBiz and Our Place has. We’re both here to support others and Sue champions this ethos in both a personal and professional capacity. LoveBiz will be turning 10 in 2022 and it’s sure to be a wonderful celebration. You can like and follow LoveBiz across their social media platforms to keep up to date with their work, and take a look at their website which features many positive testimonials from women who have benefited from being part of the networking community. There’ll also be a sponsor’s table at our 10 Year Event Celebration which will provide more information on LoveBiz Networking® 

“LoveBiz Networking® is a wonderful and supportive business network that has been hugely beneficial to Our Place Support over recent years, not only providing invaluable networking opportunities but hosting inspirational and educational speakers as well as topical Round Table discussions all supporting members in their business growth and development. A big thank you to Synergy Lovebiz Networking® for their sponsorship of our 10 year celebration event”

— Kelly Round, Our Place Support CEO