Our Place Support Launch New 2 Year Business Strategy

September 2020 – Launch of our new Strategy

Our Place Support has seen a lot of changes over the summer of 2020, just as almost everyone in the country has but also the world.  Like most businesses we need to adapt to a new way of working and our team have been busy making changes to the services that we offer to make sure that we can continue to help the people who need us.

As part of this important work, we have reviewed our Strategy to make sure that it still does what we need it to and in this blog, we will share important information about what we plan to do over the next 2 years.


What is a Strategy?

A Strategy is a fancy business word for a plan to achieve a number of tasks over a period of time.  We have developed a 2 year Strategy which will run from September 2020.  It is important to develop a Strategy because it will help us prioritise what we need to do and it will also help us to make sure that we are working on the things that matter most.


How did you develop the Strategy?

We have taken a lot of information from client feedback, from our staff and volunteers but we’ve also looked at what is happening outside of Our Place and the impact this is having on everyday life such as Coronavirus, the economy and the possibility of people losing their jobs.  All of this has been brought together to develop our 2 year Strategy.


How long will your Strategy last?

A Strategy can be developed for as long as you want it to be but at Our Place, we have decided that a 2 year period will help us plan effectively but will also allow us to adapt because everything in the world is changing so quickly especially because of Coronavirus and changes to the economy.


What does your Strategy include?

Our Strategy sets out what is important for us to focus on in the next 2 years, especially in light of the strange times that we live in.  Our Strategy focusses on the following key areas:

  1. We will focus on making our services better.  Our Community Hub will continue to be COVID safe and we will continue to offer training and safe community focused services either face to face or through the use of technology
  2. We will make sure we tell more people about what we do and we will ensure that we have the right staff and volunteers in place.
  3. We will have a greater focus on making sure that we have enough money to keep providing our services to the people who need them.
  4. We will make sure that we work closely with funders and engage with partners.
  5. We will make sure that we use technology better so that we can help more people.


Who will deliver our Strategy?

All of the Directors, Staff and Volunteers at Our Place Support will contribute to making sure that all of the things detailed in the Strategy are delivered.


How can I become involved in Our Place?

Our team are really important to Our Place Support and the work that we do to help people across Sutton Coldfield but also further afield.  We are always looking for new people to be part of our team so if you are interested please take a look at our volunteering opportunities.

We hope you found this blog useful but if you would like any further information, please contact us on the above details.