How to make choices and communicate as your authentic self – recognising how to negotiate a ‘win-win’ outcome for your conversation whilst being the best version of yourself in the process. Using your values to help choose your battles & fighting them in the right way, at the right time, and with the right attitude!

Learning Outcomes:

  • A good understanding of what Assertiveness is and isn’t – Myth Busting
  • A walk through a variety of models and explanations of Assertive Communication and the gaining of win/win
  • Personal understanding of how Assertive you are
  • Tools for the tool kit – Practical things to do to be more Assertive and to help share with others
  • Be able to use this knowledge to support further learning, awareness and wellbeing

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Private Sector price £65pp

Voluntary Sector price £47.50PP

This course is also available to be trained inhouse at your facility, minimum number of people = 8.