Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness

This half day course introduces participants to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). The course will raise awareness of CSE and enable participants to identify when CSE is occurring; who it is impacting; what signs to look out for and their role of professionals working with children and young people.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Define Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Understand the history and prevalence of CSE
  • Recognise the risk factors of a victim and perpetrator
  • Understand the grooming model
  • Identify the push / pull factors and indicators of CSE
  • Know how to effectively respond to any safeguarding concerns

Next course date: 25th January 2020

Location: Our Place, Sutton Coldfield

This course is also available to be trained inhouse at your facility, minimum number of people = 8.

£47.50 per person

To book please email: